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There’s this girl at my school and she’s really nice and I remember sometime last year at one point she would carry a clicker around and click it everytime she had a happy thought/something good happened/she laughed etc.
It was always kind of cute how you’d just hear the little click every once in a while throughout class it always made me smile knowing that it was bc something made her feel happy idk

she was training herself to be happy oh my god

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  • Seb: You shouldn't do that.
  • Ciel: I know what I'm doing.
  • Seb: This is a bad idea.
  • Ciel: I do what I want.
  • *shit happens*
  • CIel: Save me at once.

theyre watching romcoms B3c

#that time u met jesus and he was just like haha check out this sweet yo-yo



I love pirates because they have no concept on albeism. oh you have no leg? here have a peg leg. no hand?? well guess we gotta put a hook on that, give those sons of bitches a surprise. Blind in one eye, put an eyepatch on no one fucking cares, youre deaf??? go man the canons you glorious bastard.They dont care if youre disabled bcus as long as you can fuck shit up they literally dont fucking care.

I never thought about it this way. This is beautiful.

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Alas, one is not easily shaken from the broodfester tongues.

This took an asinine amount of time to finish. But woohoo, it’s done! My first big digital art piece!!And since Tumblr sucks at resizing things, here is the real thing!
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